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iconsfordummies's Journal

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The Rules:

requests are welcome.

Do not lurk. You must either post icons, you must participate a bit.

Respect others. Be polite. Ask if you take an icon. Don't steal personalized icons, or users photos.

No illegal activities. please don't openly request/swap registration codes and/or cracked programs here.

Use LJ cuts if you are post over 3 icons
< LJ-CUT TEXT="put any text you like here" >

In reply to frequent questions, yes we do allow:

Adult icons. However, when posting above PG-13, please link or use the LJ-CUT (above) so minors don't get in trouble and members can log in from work. Also, warn when posting "adult" icons, so that people will know what they're getting into if they click the link.

WARNING: Violations will be deleted; violators will be banned